An Industry-Leading Wellhead Service Provider

You can trust AggieTech Wellhead of Midland, TX with your equipment

When your Wellhead equipment breaks down, you can't wait forever for pumping unit services. The skilled technicians at AggieTech Wellhead can get your unit up and running in no time.

Based in Midland, TX, our privately held family-owned organization provides comprehensive services to clients throughout the Permian Basin. Our clients won't hesitate to tell you why they choose us - read about their experiences on the Testimonials page now.

Offering a wide range of services

With an in-house machine shop and fleet of heavy-duty equipment, we can effectively meet the needs of oil and gas clients in the Midland, TX area. Turn to us when you need...

  • Unibody Wellheads
  • Multi Bowl Wellheads
  • Conventional Wellhead
  • SWD Wellheads
  • Tubing heads
  • Control Lines Hangers and Adapter
  • Frac Stacks Rental
  • Lubricator work
  • Torque and Test
  • BOP Torque and Test
  • BPV's and TWC rentals
  • Frac Watch
  • Production Valves Maintenance
  • Crane Rental
  • DSA's( Double studded adapters)
  • Customer Property Management
  • In house Machine Shop
  • Special Order Instrument flanges, Spool, Crossover Adapters.

  • Call 432-682-3131 now to arrange for Specialized Wellhead services.

    AggieTech Wellhead is hiring

    Our parent company employs over 100 highly trained technicians to provide pumping unit services. The AggieTech Wellhead division is growing, and we need skilled workers like you to join our team.

    Visit the Careers page now to learn about available positions.